photo by Gabby Jones

Angelo Hernandez-Sias is a writer, musician, and creative-critical scholar. He is a B.A. candidate in English literature and creative writing at Columbia University, where his research critically examines representations of state violence in border-zone literature. His other research interests include cultural memory and cultural studies; contemporary American short stories; African American, U.S. Latinx, and Latin American literature; fictocriticism; autoethnography; and ethnomusicology.

He is a recipient of the Rebecca Curtis Prize in fiction and the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship. His scholarship is forthcoming in the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism. His fiction has appeared in Quarto Magazine, The Adroit Journal, Blueshift, and the Best Teen Fiction of 2016; his music in Teen Vogue, Ratrock Magazine, and The Ear. He has collaborated with Chukwu  (@tobyepuknobi ), COLDMAN, Sammie Williams (@sammie.ok ), Kwame Kamau, and Cliche (@iam.cliche). He has been invited to perform at Columbia’s Latinx Heritage Month Showcase, Los Morales Viven (2017), and Bachannal’s Battle of the Bands (2018). He co-founded and co-hosts  Urbano Latinx, a radio show at WKCR dedicated to celebrating contemporary Latinx music. He also serves as KCR’s Director of Operations and Engineering.

He’s currently at work on a mixtape called Bad Hambre, a collection of anti-love songs that problematizes desire in light of Trump’s notion of the “bad hombre.” He’s also writing his first collection of short stories, inspired by Amparo Dávila’s The Houseguest.

The cover art for most of his songs is by either Grant Pace or Mark Fleuridor.

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